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stringing Christmas lights all over

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 stringing Christmas lights all over Empty stringing Christmas lights all over

Post  wangqingyu on Sun Nov 13, 2011 5:10 pm

For some, the idea of combining one of their favorite days of the year with the pursuiting for biggest day of their life is too hard to resist. And, to be fair, Christmas weddings do have an extra sort of romance about them – the candles seem to burn a little brighter and the mistletoe appears to be much more inviting. The biggest challenge is figuring out how to make everything fit together. Most venues already have decorations in place and, with office parties going on, might be difficult to book. Weather may come into play, too, as wintry conditions might keep guests from attending. That said, there are many opportunities to create a unique ambience for your nuptials, so have a look at this list and let your imagination run wild.
1. Find a way to smoothly incorporate red and green
It’s no secret that these two colors will be everywhere during the season. Find a way to integrate them wedding dress

into the overall theme, even simple touches – like a Santa hat on the ring bearer or a poinsettia bouquet – can do the trick.
2. Make one-of-a-kind invitations inspired by the holiday
Everyone sends an extravagant card to make friends and family aware of the special day, but connecting your wedding with Christmas makes it possible for you to do something completely different. Consider using holiday cards or even small gift boxes to deliver the news.
3. Use traditional beautiful bride greenery whenever possible
The bright floral arrangements associated with a typical wedding are hard to come by when it’s cold outside. With an abundance of holly, ivy, and evergreen wreaths available, chances are good you will be able to find inexpensive plants to provide that breath of life.
4. Include the Jolly Old Elf
Santa Claus brings joy wherever he goes and your reception will one of the happiest locations in the world. You might choose to have St. Nick drop you off as the “presents” or, if you are looking for something different, allow him to pick up your gifts and transport them home.
5. Decorate the tree
Encourage guests to help you two adorn your first Christmas tree by bringing an ornament to the reception hall. As they arrive, they can place it on a branch and participate in holiday memories for many years to come.
6. Light everything up
Minimize the use of traditional lamps and fixtures by stringing Christmas lights all over. They are a relatively inexpensive design element and, along with some candles, provide a soft glow to set the mood for romance.
7. Let it snow
Thanks to the magic of Hollywood, you and your guests can enjoy a White Christmas. A little bit of fake snow strategically placed in the corners of windows and on dining tables will make everyone feel like they’ve happened upon a New England holiday.
8. Rethink transportationwedding dress
When the time comes for the you and your new spouse to leave the church or reception, why not do so in a white limousine decorated with red bows? Or, if you want to create a classic feel, put on overcoats and snuggle under a blanket in the back seat marriage of a horse-drawn carriage.
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