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Post  xiaofeifei on Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:21 am

Sunglasses are perfect choices to protect eyes from sunshine.sunglasses , But what would you do if you are nearsighted or farsighted? The most common way is that you wear sunglasses when going outdoors and you take your eyeglasses along to deal with the sudden events, such as reading something or doing some close examination.jimmy choo , During that period, you have to take off the sunglasses and wear the eyeglasses.louis vuitton , As you are still outside, you have to bear the bright sunshine to hurt your eyes.horloge , So it is a trouble to switch the common sunglasses and eyeglasses and it is harmful to your eyes.Fortunately, here comes to the reading sunglasses, which stays the same with common sunglasses in the frame, but a little change in the lens. The change enables people to sit in the bright sunshine to read comfortably, without having to squint to read, thus will not put stress on your eyes. It is a convenient and meaningful invention. With the help of reading sunglasses, people who have eye problems do not have to worry about the further harm to eyes when outside.Actually, before the invention of reading sunglasses, there exist one kind of sunglasses, which is a combination of eyeglasses and sunglasses, and sunglasses is in front of the eyeglasses. If you want to see some things closely, you can turn the sunglasses up. In that way this kind of sunglasses acts just like common eyeglasses. But if you are in the sunlight, you can turn the sunglasses down to do any sunlight prevention. It seems a more advanced method than taking eyeglasses along all the time. But can you image that this kind of sunglasses is very ugly and could affect the clarity of your vision since what there must be some refractive errors.If you are both myopia and hyperopia, you can also get your proper reading sunglasses, which are the bifocal sunglasses. The special point of the sunglasses is that the upper part of the lens is used for distant vision, while the lower part of the lens is used for reading requirements. In this case, you can see both the scene and books clearly with only one pair of sunglasses. How stupid that you have to take three pair of sunglasses with you if you go outside to do some work! We know a good pair of sunglasses means it has a fashionable frame and a high-quality lens. Like the common sunglasses, the style of reading sunglasses is very immense and you can pick up any style of reading sunglasses as you wish, like the plain, simple or tough military look. What you should do is to take your eye prescription with you to the sunglasses shop to have your favorite reading sunglasses. It is a win-win choice to wear reading sunglasses in the sunlight and we should thank the inventor of reading sunglasses.


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