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Post  xiaofeifei on Sat Oct 08, 2011 11:39 am

Summer has gone from us, and the half of autumn is passed away, cold winter is coming soon.moncler jacket , Fashion shopping for winter is opening.pandora schmuck ,

It is known to us that most wives and mums do the clothing shopping for the entire family.pandora bracelet , Undoubtedly, women do very well in negotiating prices and sweat talk?to squeeze out the best deals that a salesperson would ever consider.ugg schuhe , But if you do the shopping, it doesn't matter whether you are male or female; do you really know how to precisely estimate the true value of a Moncler down jacket?

If you don't or simply wants some tips, let me give you some insights. Well?why should you listen to me? Here is the reason: I have worked in the fashion industry for over two years, in one of the top fashion company in New Zealand, so I know the inside out of how a jacket is made, from initial fabric selection to the final finish touches at the dryer cleaner just before the marvel piece of clothing enters the retail shop.

While most people go after the look and fit to decide how much they would pay for a down jacket, this is a pretty biased way of giving it a price tag. And that how big designer name make money ?they sell because of the projected image from their well established brand names. The reality might actually hurt once you see what happens behind the production line. You then realize that many fashion items such as Moncler Women jackets from less known Designers can surpass the authentic ones both in quality and appearance.

As you might know, even expensive jackets from famous brands such as Moncler, Gucci, Prada, Armani, Alexandra Mc Queen, and many more quite often being made in China or Vietnam with the label tag stating that it was designed in Italy? or France and so on?

So what does this honestly mean? Well, quietly frankly, the statement where one garment is designed can still be confusing. In the design workroom where I worked, we used to use pictures of fashion models from magazines as ideas. Then a designer would simply stick that picture to the fashion sketch with specs and send it over to China to do everything ?from interpreting the photo, to drafting the pattern, sewing up the first prototype sample and mass production! All that they do is 卆pproving!

Therefore in such a case, the jacket wasn't truly designed?in Italy, France, Germany, America or any other wealthy countries, that to speak, the high demanding price you are paying for is to cover the cost of running retail stores ?especially if they are in shopping malls or crowed places like the High Street; and of course, to encourage fashion designers to keep producing more and more stunning designs to show off at Fashion Weeks.


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